Dedicated to the Blu-Ray 25GB M-Discs!

So if you have come here, no doubt you have heard of Millenniata's New 25GB Blu-Ray Discs promising a 1000+ years in stable archive. I have always been searching for a long term storage solution that would outlast my life time, and there has never been a technology with that promise until now.

So with that in mind, I want to really put this technology through its paces. Some things I plan on doing will no doubt be destructive while other experiments will actually put to the test the stress of time. All with my efforts in documenting what happens, and how well the data survives on the discs. Some ideas I have are to recreate the kind of tests we see from the official videos, to actually allowing a disc to be exposed to the elements for years on end. I will also be looking for Guest Page suggestions that I can put to the test!

Please take note that: MDisk.org is in no way affiliated to Millennitata, or in anyway partners with any orginization connected to the M-Disc. All experiments will be funded from my own funds, and I take no commercial interests in this product, so that I may be as fair and non bias about my results. (I must note though, I am optimistic about the claims made and look forward to seeing positive results.)